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Mooncascade otsib oma meeskonda finantsjuhti

Are you interested in participating in planning our company’s growth strategies? Is it customary for you to look at the numbers before making a decision and Excel is your best friend? Do you understand accounting language? Preparing financial models and analysing numbers on a regular basis is thrilling for you. Are you an awesome person?

If this sounds like you, let us know. Mooncascade is a software and product development company of 70 people and we have been waiting for you to join our small 2 people strong finance team. Come and have a chat in our Tartu or Tallinn offices.

PS! Good command of both Estonian and English language is a MUST!

Apply by 30th of September


  • Monthly overview, analysis and reporting of key financial metrics and project profitability
  • Financial planning and modelling
  • Preparing and managing quarterly budget. Making summaries
  • Consulting project managers and team leads in financial matters
  • Making proposals to improve financial processes
  • Active cooperation with our accountant and substituting her during her vacation (you need to have accounting knowledge)
  • Experience working with Directo is a plus


Our aim is to offer our people the best possibilities for self-development, learning new skills and making a career that’s fulfilling, challenging and fun. We consider our people the foundation our growth is based on and therefore we value them as individuals, not as a mere resource.

A few examples of how we do it:

  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible working time and remote office as long as you finish the work that’s required and follow through on your commitments
  • Many company events that make you feel you are part of a true team
  • Opportunities for personal development
  • Get all the benefits that come with working in IT field
  • Opportunity to work and spend time with people from the other office

Choose your own way to success! Take a look at our awesome projects we've been working on.

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